Space1 is an awesome new free for all shooter game where you’ll take control of a ship and battle it out in space against other players. The twist that makes this game different to other shooters is that similar to you’re able to raise an army of your own! Well in this case its a fleet of dangerous spaceships but its the same concept! In Space1 you start off with one ship that is reasonably vulnerable to attacks however you’re able to gain additional ships by shooting at the glowing shapes that float around or taking out enemy ships.

As your fleet grows in size it will also grow in power, each ship shoots 1 lazer every time you fire meaning that bigger fleets have a clear advantage as their shots are harder to avoid. This doesn’t mean that smaller fleets are completely useless however as if you’re good at dodging you’ll still have a fair chance in a fight! This game is action packed and a ton of fun for anyone that enjoys 2D shooters, I’d definitely recommend trying it out, maybe you have what it takes to reach the #1 spot?