What is Hexar.io

Hexar.io is an incredibly fun game inspired by the liked of Splix.io, Slither.io and Agar.io. The game features smooth controls and simple but clean graphics, the entire map is made of hexagonal tiles that start off blank but can be claimed by other players.

If you haven’t played games like Splix.io before essentially each player is given a colour to represent them, they start with a very small area and have to draw lines to from shapes in order to claim more land. You’ll be playing against a ton of other players all with different colours, these players will be doing the same as you so its not uncommon for 2 or more players to fight over the same area. Although there are no attacks in this game to call it ‘combat’ you can take out another player by running into their line as they’re drawing a shape. You can not take out another player if they are on land that they own however so be careful about that.

One of the most common ways that people are taken out is they try to claim too big of an area at once, its highly recommended to try and claim small patches and slowly expand as there is a lot less risk involved. If you’re looking to claim some area that another player already has you are able to overclaim them simply by drawing a shape through it, this can be dangerous though as if you crash into them on their territory you’ll die and lose all your land.

For every tile you claim you’ll be awarded points, you also get points for killing players, this score can be seen at the top of your screen and will be shown to other players on the leaderboard(top right).