Whats is is a new .io game from the creator of and It feels very similar to but with more of an emphasis on trying to survive on your own in the wild. Both games are survival games with resource collection being the way you grow and evolve. achieves the feeling of survival in a more carnal way, as you have to collect food, stay warm at night and even battle off evil creatures at night. And there is less of a need to create a base, although you can do this too.

It starts feeling exactly like but you soon see bunnies bouncing around and realise you will have to kill one or collect some berries pretty quickly if you want to survive through to the night. As night falls, you need to either build a campfire or find another player with one. The fire will provide you with warmth and I think it even helps to ward off the evil creatures of the night.

You can create items and tools to aid you in collecting resources and in some cases, you have to have the right tool in order to collect the resource. Stone, for example, requires you to have a pick axe. In that respect, the game feels a little like Minecraft, which is nice. That familiarity will help you to figure out the game pretty quickly and you will soon be running around with a sword killing everyone that is simply trying to survive.

Generally, I like this game. The graphics are pretty nice and the gameplay is self-explanatory. I doubt you will have much trouble trying to figure out how to play and if you do, just play around for a few minutes and things will become obvious. The only downside to this

The only downside to this game is a lack of item information. I would love to see item name appear when my mouse is hovering over them. Or perhaps some form of easy to find item list. Perhaps that will be released in future updates.