Whats is or paperio, is a game all about growing your territory and is very similar to,, and . You play as a square of paper moving around a world populated by other players. As you move around you leave a trail behind you. Once you circle back around and connect to your trail, that area solidifies and is now your territroy. Take care not to run into your own trail, that will kill you. Similarly if you run into another player’s trail before then solidify that area, that will kill them. And they can do the same to you.

There is no limit to how big your area can be. Although, if you take the risks to try and create a massive area, then you also run the risk of letting other players kill you.

Once your have an area, other players can steal sections of your area by claiming it just as they would claim any space.

So you see this game is very competative and pretty fast paced.

The game has very pleasant graphics and if very easy to pick up and play, it really doesnt require too much by way of explanation on how to play. There is also a version available on the Google and Apple play stores. Although it should be noted that this version is not created by the official development company that created the hit mobile game So there may be some subtle differences in game play.