What is Squadd.io

Squadd.io or squaddio is the latest io game to come from Miniclip and it is an awesome mix of a 3D shooter and Slay.one.

The basic idea of the game is to live long enough to gain some points and hit the top of the leader board. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well yes and no. The general idea is simple enough, the execution is highly dependent on your skills.

This game is extremely fast paced. You spawn into the very colourful voxel world and the first thing you notice are the cheerful graphics. The second thing you notice is that you are either already dead or being chased by someone with a really big gun. Not to worry. After you have died a few times, you quickly get the hang of the game. But if you don’t want your first few tries to be a series of epic deaths, we have a few tips for you.

Dotted around the map are power-up stations. Here spawn health packs, shields and power damage. You really want to collect the shield before running into a group of people. But watch out, the shield only lasts a few seconds and then it is gone. Ideally, you want to have a weapon like a laser, then grab the shield and then run into a group of people and rain down hellfire.

You will notice that lots of objects on the map can be shot and some explode. A nice trick is to shot at exploding barrels when someone is stood next to them.

No matter how you play, squaddio is a great game and it looks like it might even be released on the Xbox. Which is just brilliant and will surely expand the user base.

How to play Squadd.io

WASD move you around the map and the mouse is used to aim and shoot. Right click on the mouse to ran/dash.