What is Spinz.io

Do you like agar.io? How about fidget spinners? Yes? Well you’ve came to the right place as Spinz.io is a combination of both. Much like agar.io you’ll start off weak and have to eat blobs in order to get stronger, instead of getting bigger however you’ll spin faster. The faster you’re spinning the more deadly you are, if you happen to be spinning 4x faster than the opponent you crash into you’ll kill them in 1 shot, if neither of you are 4x faster however you’ll keep bouncing off each other until one of you runs out of score.

The score in spinz.io is tracked in RPM(Revolutions per minute) basically how fast you’re spinning so to get a rough idea of how the fight will play out take a look at the number underneath their name. As you land kills you’ll be able to get score faster as you can pick up the food they drop, kills will also count towards unlocking certain skins to use in game.(see the name selection screen)

Apart from other players and orbs the only other thing you’ll find on the map are blackhole type areas that look like a circle made of blobs, these areas will suck you in if you get too close and spit you out in whatever direction you click. When you exit these areas you’ll travel a lot faster than normal making them great for escaping if you’re being chased by a faster player. As well as these you can also use boost to speed yourself up although this will slowly drain your RPM meaning that if you use it for too long you’ll only be weakening yourself.