What is

Sharkz is an underwater free for all where you’ll play as (you guessed it) a shark! You’ll start off small and weak only by eating various fish/other players will you become big and strong! As you eat you’ll gain XP which will eventually result in a level up, as you level up you’ll be able to put points into certain stats that will help you in your fight such as movement speed and attack damage. In its eat or be eaten, anyone can eat anyone regardless of size so if you see a low health shark that’s bigger than you it’s worth the risk in trying to eat them! As previously mentioned there are various other fish around the map such as giant squids, these will have a health bar that you must drop to 0 in order to eat them, to do this just swim into them repeatedly.

One of the best tips I can offer is to try and swim around with other sharks, this will give you a chance to escape if a bigger shark comes as he’ll only be able to chase one of you! I though this game was a lot of fun, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!