What is is a new io game on the scene and is slowly but surely securing a solid player base. In this game you’ll be playing as a colourful blobby soldier armed with a simple pistol and a katana, your job is to kill everyone and avoid dying as much as possible until the end of the round. The winner of each round is decided by how many kills you secure so make sure to keep track of who’s dominating the scene. As the well the two starting weapons Slaim features supply crates that spawn in various areas of the map, these crates will contain either a new weapon or some DNA.

The weapons given are only usable until they run out of ammo (The yellow bar) or until you pick up a new weapon so use them wisely! The DNA is used as experience to level up your character, levelling up will also restore missing health and make you more durable in combat!

How to play

You’ll be reminded of the controls as you start a match so don’t worry too much if you forget some. To move around use WASD, left click to shoot, right click to use your katana and space to dash forward.