What is Zlap.io

In Zlap.io you play as an adorable jelly looking character with a not so adorable flail. You’ll be placed in a big free for all arena scenario and forced to slay your fellow jelly in order to survive and become stronger. I say forced but its incredibly fun to go around and slaughter everyone, as you score kills you’ll find that your weapon gets increasingly bigger, this will not cause it to do more damage as it stays a one shot kill throughout however it does make it a lot easier to land a hit.

In Zlapio you are able to choose from 3 different character styles all with their own unique flails, your flail can be controlled separately to your character which means you are able to both attack and defend at the same time for optimal combat. It is important to note that players weapons will bounce off each other if they connect so remember you can block attacks as well as crushing skulls. The only way to get bigger in Zlap is by scoring kills which means that the games are action packed and fast paced, if thats your style of game I’d definitely recommend checking this one out!

How to play Zlap.io

Use WASD to move your character around, use the mouse to control your weapon.