What is Oib.io

Oib.io is definitely a weird one to say the least! You’ll play as a blob surrounded by several other players(also blobs) and have to fight for your survival in a big blobby free for all! Starting off you’ll be spawning units and using them as soldiers, you’re able to merge these small units together to create bigger/stronger units that you can use to defend yourself. Although completely different Oibio follows similar rules to agar.io, the bigger you are the stronger you are, bigger blobs can eat the smaller ones which is pretty simple to understand.

Onto the actual game mechanics, you’ll start with your queen alone and unguarded, create/eat blobs in order to make your queen stronger and heal her when shes low HP. The game can be fairly difficult to keep track of for new players as you’ll have to watch your queen and also control your army to attack other peoples queens. The cool thing about Oib is you can send smaller units out to go get XP and then feed it back to the queen to make her stronger!

How to play Oib.io

The controls will be explained once you get into game if you forget, press 1 to spawn units, 2 to merge selected units, 3 to split selected units and 4 to feed selected units to your queen. You can control your units separately from your queen by using V to select them!