What is s0urce.io

s0urce.io is one of the few unique concepts that I come across in the io genre, it is a hacking/coding style game and is very interesting to play. Fear not its still a game, you’re not going to be secretly hacking the government and if like me you have no knowledge of how to hack/code you’ll still be fine. In s0urce.io you’ll play from a computer interface, you’ll be tasked with hacking other players whilst defending from enemy attacks too. As well as hacking you’ll have to get a source of bitcoins which is the currency in the game, use this money to by more generators or renew your ports when damaged from attacks.

Once you’re into the game you’ll have to choose a target, once selected head over to the ‘cdm’ tab and begin your attack. The console will tell you what to type, simply follow it to launch a successful attack, during this time you’ll notice there is a bar above the text box this is the progress bar and you’re looking to fill it up. If you manage to fill this bar up whilst hacking your attack will be a success and you’ll get XP as well as an amount of bitcoins. The levelling in this game is mostly to display ranks, you’ll be bronze from level 1-9, silver at 10-29, gold at 30-99, platinum at 100-249, diamond at 250-499 and master at level 500+.(Sadly I’ve only made it to level 6 so I can’t give you many details about the other ranks).

As you level up and acquire more money you’ll be able to purchase some of the higher level items from the black market, these items will allow you to generate more money faster and are incredibly useful.

How to play

Hacking: The game has its own tutorial for the basics and the information above should cover everything.